Industrial Sewing

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Industrial Sewing Machines

We can offer a sewing machine to suit any application, our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to discuss your needs and offer a customised solution.

We have machines that will cater to your every need


  • Garment making and alterations
  • Button Hole machines
  • Shoe manufacturing
  • Automotive, marine and household upholstery
  • Chain stitch machines

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We can also offer servicing from factory trained machanics.

Some of Our Range

  • Brother S-7300A NEXIO

    BROTHER S-7300A

    Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Electronic feeding system and Thread Trimmer

    The worlds first lock stitch sewing machine which adopts the electronic Feed Control directly connected with a stepper motor.

    Next-generation lock stitch sewing machine which establishes the new standard, has been born.

    • High quality sewing.
    • Reduction of dispoition of thread ends.
    • Equipped with colour LCD touch pane lfor intuitive operation.
    • Offers a new value with Design Stitch.
    • Enhances the operability with ne hand stitch.

  • Brother S-7100A


    Single Needle Straight Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer


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    With Brother-developed direct drive motor and cutting-edge technology, S-7100A offers user-friendly operation and high speed sewing without oil staining.

    The new hook enhances sewing capability for a wide range materials.

    • Comfortable and high speed sewing
    • New hook enhances sewing capability
    • High reliable electrocal equipment
    • Needle breakage prevention function


    • Clean sewing without oil staining

    The program box enables you to simply set automatic Back tacks and pre set Bar tacks - pleats,  labels and program sewing.

    Developed by Brother the New Generation built in Direct Drive motor with cutting edge  technology,offers reduced noise, reliability and clean sewing.


  • Brother Z-8550A


    Electronic Single Needle Zigzag Lock Stitcher

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    The energy-saving direct drive and clean dry head technology have been adopted. Great capability for various pattern sewing, widening sewing possibilities.


    • Clean sewing with no oil staining.
    • Energy-saving model.
    • Wide-variety pattern sewing is available.


    • Direct Drive

    Typical Applications

    • Blouse
    • Foundation
    • Swimsuits

  • Kaiser Leather 1245/1246


    Single and double-needle, lockstitch flatbed sewing machines with large vertical hook (Unison feed)


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    Sewing of medium-heavy materials, e.g. furniture and car upholstery, leather clothing, leather goods, etc.


    • High traction due to unison feed
    • Even feed motion without any ply-shift of individual layers
    • Large vertical rotary hook with 60% more capacity than other standard-sized hooks
    • Rugged and durable
    • The high top feed lift (7.0 mm) allows trouble-free sewing of thick materials and an easy sewing of thick materials and an easy  sewing over cross seams
    • Easy loading and unloading (even bulky material) due to a high fabric clearance of 14.0 mm
    • Attachment and extras for many further operations comprise, e.g.: welting operations, zipper operations, binding operations


    • Max. speed: 2,800 s.p.m.
    • Max. stitch length: 8.0 mm

  • Kaiser Leather 335


    Cylinder-Bed Lockstitch sewing machine for industry and handicraft


    • Lockstitch, cylinderbed sewing machine with unison feed for working on tubular or pre attached articles
    • Excellent sewing quality with high performance and sewing reliability
    • Very neat bindings, even inside and outside curves, thanks to moving binder, and tape is held close to the binding edge (special subclass)
    • Fewer bobbin changes due to large hook


    This cylinder-bed sewing machine can be used for:

    • Leather accessories
    • Leather wear
    • Upholstery
    • Shoes


    It is suitable for:

    • Working on tubular or pre-attached articles
    • Standard sewing work on leather wear, bags and leathercraft articles
    • Binding of shoes and leather wear with leather-, imitation leather- or textile tape
    • Piping work on bags, suitcases and upholstery



    • Max. speed: 2,800 s.p.m.
    • Max. stitch length: 6.0 mm
    • Clearance under sewing foot: 14.0 mm
    • Max. top feed stroke: 7.0 mm

  • Kaiser Leather 570/590


    Modern post-bed high-speed machine series

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    Covers all top-stitching work with single or double needles in the shoe production. Ornamental and assembly seams on classic and sport shoes can be sewn easily and in a top seam quality. The whole range of light to medium-heavy material is covered here
    The machine is equipped with the latest backtack system technology to guarantee an improved stitch in stitch performance


    Special Features


    • Eqiupped with EFKA Control Box

    • No compressed air required, all electric control

    • 900/83: Automatic thread trimmer

    • 910/17: Automatic roller presser lifter (with mechanical intermediate lift)

    • 911/37: Automatic backtacking device

    • 725/04: Edge trimming mechanism, bottom driven



    Plain Sewer Industrial Sewing Machine

    High speed industrial lockstitch sewing machine for general seaming and a wide range of applications. This machine can be used for all straight stitching operations on light to medium-heavy materials.


    • Auto-lubrication
    • Drop feed,walking foot
    • Horizontal-axis twice large hook


    • Light to medium-heavy materials.


    • Max sewing speed: 2000spm
    • Needle: DP x 17 18# to 24#
    • Rotating hook: auto-lubricated large hook
    • Stitch length: 0 to 8mm
    • Needle bar stroke: 37mm
    • Presser foot lift height:
      • By hand: 6mm
      • By knee: 16mm



    Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

    The Merco 501 is a flat-bed style industrial sewing machine for use on medium & medium-heavy weight materials.

    The Merco 501 is suitable to sew medium & medium-heavy weight materials such as horse rugs leather, synthetics, canvas, plastics, webbing, upholstery, tarpaulin + heavier than normal standard fabrics.


    • Large Hook and Base
    • Auto hook and head lubrication
    • Reverse stitch lever
    • stitch length up to 8mm



    • Max sewing speed: 1800rpm                             
    • Stitch length: 1-8mm                                                          
    • Needle bar stroke: 35mm                                                   
    • Presser foot lift by hand: 6mm Presser foot lift by foot:13mm
    • Needle size: 135x17