Schmetz Domestic Needles

We are the Australian distributor for Schmetz industrial and hobby sewing needles. For more information about our industrial range click here

Schmetz Domestic Needles are available in:

  • hangsell cards (1 or 5 needle)
  • magazines (30 packs of 1 or 5 needles)
  • magazine refills (packs of 1 or 5 needles)
  • box (100 loose)
  • paper and plastic packs of 10
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Needle types:

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download the Schmetz Needle ABC guide or Download the New Schmetz App for iPhone and iPad to help you with all your sewing needs


Slightly rounded point.                                                                                

For the majority of fabrics, including jerseys, synthetics and wovens. A great general purpose needle. Works with all household sewing machine brands.


Medium ball point, special eye and scarf.
Elastic materials and highly elastic knitwear. The medium ball point, specially designed eye and scarf prevent skipped stitches.

Ball Point

Medium ball point.
Made especially for sewing on knits. The medium ball point does not damage or break knitted fibers. Also known as Jersey Needles.

Jeans/ Denim

Modified medium ball point and reinforced blade.
Denim and similar fabrics. Advanced point design is a SCHMETZ exclusive. For penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, or quilts with minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches.


Cutting point.
Leather, artificial leather, heavy non-woven synthetics. Do not use on knit or woven fabrics.

MicroTex Sharp

Very slim acute point. Micro fibers, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather, coated materials. Very thin acute point creates beautiful topstitching and perfectly straight stitches for quilt piecing when precision is paramount.


Special taper to the slightly rounded point.

Made especially for piecing and machine quilting. The special tapered design allows easier fabric penetration and helps eliminate skipped stitches.


Light ball point, wide eye and groove.
Use with rayon, polyester and other specialty embroidery threads. The special scarf, widened groove and enlarged eye protect fragile threads and guard against excess friction allowing trouble-free embroidery and decorative stitching.

Gold Titanium Embroidery Needles

Titanium Nitride coating, slightly rounded point and enlarged eye.

Coarse and densely woven materials. Slightly rounded point and enlarged eye are perfect for embroidery on most fabrics and with the most fragile specialty threads. Titanium coating resists adhesives, improves needle wear and penetration of coarse and densely woven fabrics.

Metallic Needles

Elongated eye.
Metallic and other specialty threads. A "must have" for sewing with sensitive metallic threads. The elongated eye prevents shredding and breaking of metallic threads.

Topstitch Needles

Extra long eye.
Topstitch, heavy, multiple or poor quality threads. Achieve perfectly straight stitch lines and even stitches when using a straight stitch plate.

Double Eye Needle

Universal needle with two eyes.
Numerous - wovens and knits. Use two different threads for shading and texturing effects for embroidery and topstitching. Size 80/12.

Quick Threading Needles

Universal needle with a slip-in threading slot in the eye.
Wovens and knits. A general purpose needle for effortless threading. Formerly known as a Handicap Needle. Not for use with sensitive fabrics (i.e., silk, microfibre, etc.) because the slot might create pulled threads. It should also not be used for quilting as the fibers of the batting might be pulled out. Not recommended for use with Denim as the structure of the needle eye is too weak.

Twin Needle

For tuck piping and one or two coloured ornamental seams (only for zig zag machines with transversal hook

Triple & Stretch Twin

Only for zig zag machines with transversal hook

Overlock Needles

Has a sharp point suitable for all fabrics.
Two assorted sizes: BLX1 (2-11, 3-14) and DCX1 (2-11, 3-14). Choose system recommended by machine manufacturer.

ELX705 Needle

Regular point. This needle is designed for use in electronic multi-purpose sergers that do the overlock, cover, safety, and mock safety stitches. Not suitable for use in normal home sewing machines or embroidery machines. Machines should specify ELX705 system.

Hemstitch Needles

A wing on each side of the needle.
Light or medium weight loosely woven fabrics. Popular for heirloom sewing and to create decorative cutwork.

HLx5 Professional Quilter's Machine Needles

A chrome-shank needle (similar to 130/705 H) designed specifically for high-speed professional quilting machines (i.e., Janome 1600 P series, etc.). This needle features a short shank and a slightly rounded needle point with a shank diamter of only 2mm.
Suitable for all common materials - jersey, denim, fancy fabrics, fake fur, etc.

Schmetz Needle Colour Coding Chart

SCHMETZ introduces expanded range of colour coding on needles for household sewing machines

From the 1st of July 2013 SCHMETZ launches an expanded range of colour coding on its needles for household sewing machines. With the new improved colour code it will be much easier to recognise needles outside of the box and to distinguish between different sizes and applications.

There will be two colour marks on the needles. The lower colour (towards the point) indicates the size of the needle and the upper colour indicates the application. This allows easy and quick identification of the needle size and application.

Download the Chart here