Industrial Knitting


Flat Knitting

We are the Australian Distributor of Stoll Flat Knitting machinery,

Technical data sheets are available for download, please contact our office on 03 94173131 for more information and pricing.


With 32 autarkic yarn carriers, 16 rails with2 yarn carriers each, only one type of yarn carrier for all knitting applications, a gauge range from E10 to E18 including multi gauge, a working width of 50"/127 cm, and three systems, the CMS ADF-3 is unbelievably versatile. For designers it gives untold opportunities to turn their creative ideas into reality producing undreamt-of patterns. The possibility of moving the yarn carriers in its horizontal and vertical position independently from the carriage opens up almost unlimited possibilities for the user regarding patterns and color combinations – new plating pattern techniques are here an example. It combines all previously known knitting applications with new expanded functions into a high-performance flat knitting machine. The ADF-3 can be converted into ADF-3 multi gauge and vice versa.

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Compact Class

A CMS of the Compact Class is extremely efficient for Fully Fashion. Coarse stitches for a high-quality hand-knit look? No problem. One model is even equipped with split additional beds - for extremely productive narrowing cycles with fabrics knitted with all needles. All machines are equipped with a clamping and cutting device and the Stoll-multiflex® take-down system with a take-down comb.


Top Class

The tandem machines of the Top Class will convince you with their productivity and flexibility. One minute they're knitting Fully Fashion or accessories in the tandem mode, and the next it's cut and sew products with coupled carriages. Fast coupling and uncoupling make it possible and ensure the greatest possible capacity utilization of your machine pool.


Multi Gauge-Class

You're ideally prepared for the future with these flexible machines. With Stoll-multi gauges® and Stoll-applications® the machines are truly multi-talented. Your advantages: high capacity utilization of the machine pool, great investment security, fast reaction to fashion trends and larger order quantities. With Stoll-multi gauges® you produce new pattern appearances with several gauges in one and the same fabric - horizontally in one knitting row or vertically.


Knit & Wear-Class

Less making-up processes, shorter throughput times and even greater pattern variety - to produce Knit&Wear garments fast and economical, that's the strength of the Stoll Knit&Wear machines. All machines are equipped with a take-down comb and a clamping and cutting device. One model includes additional features such as: presser foot unit, closed spring loaded holding-down jacks, second stitch tension, motor controlled stitch preparation cams and magnetic thread clamp device.


Technical Textiles

Stoll-flat knitting machines offer an enormous application and productivity potential when it comes to technical textiles: They permit the fast and flexible production of articles with complex shapes using the absolute minimum materials without producing waste and eliminating the need for subsequent making-up processes.

The short set-up times also permit small batch sizes right down to the production of individual and customised parts, using a combination of knitted constructions, materials and two or three-dimensional structures in one and the same knitted fabric.