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Non-Woven Machines

We are the Australian agent for the Dilo Group, who supply high quality machinery to the Non-woven manufacturing industries

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  • Technical Textiles
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Please contact our office for full information and technical details on 03 9417 3131.

  • Dilo Machines

    Crosslappers Hyperlayer, DiloLayer as well as universal and high capacity needle looms DI-LOOM - stroke frequencies up to 3000 min-1 -, Hyperpunch needle looms, structuring and patterning machines DI-LOOP and DI-LOUR, large needle looms with working widths up to 16m .

    • Cross lappers
    • Pre-needling
    • Finish Needling
    • Specialty Needle Looms
  • Dilo Temafa

    Opening and blending equipment for synthetic and natural fibers, machines for the extraction of natural fibers and their cleaning. High fiber throughput and high blending precision.

    • Opening
    • Blending
    • Natural fibers
  • Dilo Spinnbau

    Universal and high capacity carding machines, random card technology, DeltaCard, multi doffing, lap drafter, airlay machines. Large working widths exceeding 5?m, high web speeds up to 400?m?/min

    • Card Feeding Systems
    • Universal Cards
    • High Capacity Cards
    • Aerodynamic Web Forming